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Gym Essentials

Gym Starter Kit is sharing these products which will make sure you have the right gear when you show up at the gym. These essentials help make working out easier and will help you get in shape faster.

Water Bottle

I need a water bottle at the gym. I hate having to go back and forth from the water fountain between sets. If you’re using supplements like electrolytes or BCAAs during your workout, you’ll need a water bottle.

The Winner: BlenderBottle Pro45 Extra Large Shaker Bottle


I love Blender Bottles. They work well at the gym, and I use mine all the time. These bottles are even more durable than the classic blender bottles, and they are bigger. I like the 45 oz. size, especially for mass gainer shakes which tend to be 28oz or more. I encourage you to try these out.


Winner: JBL Reflect Mini Wireless In-Ear Headphones


I definitely recommend some sort of wireless headphones if you’re going to be doing anything active. There have been too many times when I’ve caught the cord on something and then my phone flies out of my pocket. (I actually cracked the screen of my old phone because of that.) I have these JBL Reflect Minis Bluetooth headphones. My experience with wireless headphones is that they are either good, or they’re terrible. These have worked well for me.

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