Working Out Is Hard, But The Hot Tub Feels Great

I was at the gym today and I realized I was exhausted. Sitting at work all day, I felt fine, but once it got down to business of actually doing something physical, my mind and body were begging me to stop.

I enjoy these days at the gym though, because they test my mental toughness. I feel like because I’m not giving up and leaving, that I’m getting stronger. Hopefully next time, when I’m not as tired I’ll be able to go harder and it won’t feel so bad.

Find A Way To Make It Enjoyable

Reward yourself for taking the time to go to the gym. For awhile, I was running quite a bit and as a reward after I ran, I’d eat ice cream. If I didn’t run, I didn’t get the ice cream. Needless to say, I hardly ever skipped a run.

I knew Ben & Jerry’s Half-Baked had some super power, and I finally found it. It can make you do anything!

The enjoyable part about going to the gym today was the hot tub afterwards. It’s relaxing, it helps with sore muscles, so it’s a good chance to regroup mentally after a hard workout.

Today I got to chat with a friend who was at the gym with me. We were able to catch up, so that was nice too. Having a friend at the gym makes going back easier, so try that strategy out.